AGRC Launches New Certificate in Sanctions Compliance

AGRC Launches New Certificate in Sanctions Compliance

This certificate is now available to professionals in Europe via EIMF, AGRC’s official training partner.

LONDON, United Kingdom and NICOSIA, Cyprus – The Association of Governance, Risk and Compliance (AGRC), in collaboration with the European Institute of Management and Finance, is excited to announce the launch of its Certificate in Sanctions Compliance, a self-paced, 15-hour training program that prepares GRC professionals to tackle the challenges posed by international economic sanctions on behalf of their organizations.

This unique certificate, which relies heavily on case studies and a hands-on approach to sanctions, equips participants with the skills, tools, and knowledge required to design a sound and effective sanctions compliance strategy that will mitigate their organization’s risk of facing hefty fines, penalties, and other adverse consequences.

It also aims to provide participants with a solid and comprehensive understanding of the definitions, concepts, and current trends in the world of international economic sanctions.

Mateo Jarrin Cuvi, AGRC’s Global Manager for Partners and Media, said: “During the past couple of decades, sanctions in compliance have become an important tool in global governance, used by both countries and international organizations to smartly target a wrongdoing country’s political and economic elites. Our certificate prepares today’s GRC professional to properly comply with the growing number of regulatory obligations faced by companies, financial institutions and governments doing business with these targeted individuals.”

Professionals who sign up for AGRC’s new certificate will also gain a one-year free membership to the association and benefit from its multiple networking opportunities, discounts to global GRC conferences, webinar and interview series, and plenty of other perks.

Marios Siathas, EIMF’s CEO, said: “We welcome with open arms AGRC’s Certificate in Sanctions Compliance to our roster of internationally recognized certificates. International economic sanctions have grown in protagonism in recent years, making it crucial for GRC professionals to learn the ins and outs of this foreign policy tool and how it might affect carrying out international business with targeted jurisdictions.”

For more information on AGRC’s Certificate in Sanctions Compliance, please visit EIMF’s website here.

For more information, please contact:

Sophie Kyriacou

Business Development Manager & Learning & Development Adviser

European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF)

+357 22 274470  |  [email protected]

Mateo Jarrin Cuvi

Global Manager for Partners & Media

Association of Governance, Risk and Compliance (AGRC)

[email protected]

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