CySEC Increased Training Requirements for 2017

CySEC Increased Training Requirements for 2017

September is fast approaching and we are entering the final stretch for the year, a time period traditionally reserved to take stock and action on our staff’s training requirements.

This year however things are different, as CySEC has increased its requirements for 2017 compared to previous years, either by increasing established requirements or introducing new ones.

CPD Units

This year, members of the Public Registry of Certified Persons holding the Basic Examination are required to complete 10 CPD hours (instead of 5) and those holding the Advance Examination are required to complete 15 CPD hours (instead of 10).

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Circular C181

Furthermore, another very important new introduction by CySEC this year was Circular C181, which deals with the professional competence and knowledge of the people working in the sector.

In short, C181 introduces 2 requirements:

  1. People in Sales/Retention/Customer Relations and everyone who provides information on Company’s Products or who promote Company’s services need to sit the CySEC’s Basic Examination.
  2. Same people need to obtain knowledge on the fundamentals of the sector, as per 10 listed items on the same circular.


Compliance Officers

This year Compliance Officers of Investment Firms need to attain the Advanced Examination. However, there has been a tremendous increase in requests by CySEC for Compliance Officers of ASPs as well, since the anticipated upcoming examination is again postponed for a later date.

Also, increased scrutiny on the knowledge and competence of Compliance Officers has lead to an increasing need of their training requirements.  These can be covered by attending our CPD courses.


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