Digital Marketing for Cypriot Lawyers, Accountants & Professional Service Firms

Digital Marketing for Cypriot Lawyers, Accountants & Professional Service Firms 

A practical program for generating sales leads from the web

Many professional service firms and professionals are experts at their job. Where they usually struggle however is in generating enough enquiries on a continuous basis to grow their business systematically.

When harnessed correctly, the internet is a brilliant source of high quality sales leads which can then be converted into paying clients. Those leads can be from Cyprus-based or international prospects depending on the firms’ preference.

This highly engaging and practical course explains and demonstrates the marketing tools and techniques that Cyprus-based lawyers, accountants and professional service firms can use to generate significantly more business enquiries from online sources.

With a strong underlying emphasis on critical business issues like return on investment, unique selling points and target niches, the course avoids technical and IT jargon.

Presented by a successful Irish business owner with extensive commercial experience combined with management of a digital marketing agency with numerous professional service clients since 2002, this course will give you the tools and understanding to allow you to grow your professional service firm rapidly.


1-1 Sessions

Participants will finish off the course with a series of twelve 1-1 sessions of 15 minutes duration with the expert trainer to answer any outstanding or confidential issues they may have and to be pointed in the right direction as required regarding the growth of your business.



  • To understand what you need to do to generate more enquiries from online and how to make it happen
  • To pinpoint the critical elements needed for business success (USPs, niches, processes, resources etc)
  • To understand the advantages and disadvantages of various digital marketing techniques
  • To discover that success is not about you / your skills. It’s about showing what value you can provide.
  • To explore the differences between brand awareness and direct response. Only one will work for you.

To realise the necessary requirement for calculated risk-taking by stepping outside the mindset of an expert practioner and considering your business from the prospective of a potential client.

Course Agenda

Google Rankings (SEO) and Google Ads (PPC)

Content Marketing, Remarketing & Display

Email & Marketing Automation

Social Media, Web Development, and Google Analytics

Strategy & Compliance

Group Website Analysis and Group Exercises


DATES: 10, 13 and 14 October

DURATION: 21 Hours

LOCATION: EIMF Premises, Nicosia

TIME: 09:00 - 17:15

FEES: HRDA eligible €323, non-HRDA eligible €680 (both + €129.20 VAT)

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Course Agenda

Seminar Content:

1. What to watch out for when redeveloping your website
2. How to get top of Google Rankings internationally (SEO)
3. How to make Google Adwords work efficiently for your business (PPC)
4. Which social media channels to use for the best results
5. When to use email marketing and automation to grow new business
6. How to use remarketing to keep costs low while maximising online visibility
7. Digital strategy, planning and compliance issues relevant to Cypriot firms


Who should attend:

Those responsible for marketing / generating sales enquiries at Cyprus-based professional service firms including:

  • Legal Firms
  • Accountants
  • Tax Advisors
  • Financial Planners
  • IT Consultants
  • Management Consultants

In-House Training

If you would like to discuss bringing this or another topic to your organization on an in-house basis please call us at 22274470 or email us at


Instructor: Mr John Ring

John is Managing Director of Dublin, Ireland-based TinderPoint Ltd. Since 2006 he has trained over 6,000 business people in both Ireland and Cyprus and consequently has a very keen sense of what professional service firms require to generate more business from digital channels.
He was responsible for TinderPoint becoming one of the first Google-qualified advertising agencies in Europe in 2005 and continues to be at the leading edge of technology and marketing.
An electronic engineer by training, he previously worked for the Irish government agency Enterprise Ireland prior to starting his company which gave him a great understanding and insight into the needs of small and medium sized firms and the daily challenges they face.