EIMF looks back at 2018 and forward to 2019 | Announcing the 2019 Calendar

EIMF looks back at 2018 and forward to 2019 | Announcing the 2019 Calendar

As is customary at this time of the year, we take the opportunity to express appreciation and gratitude! So, to all of you “thank you” for your ongoing trust and continual support throughout 2018.

Of course, the end of the year also finds us taking-stock of the year passed, looking back at our challenges and achievements both personal and professional, and, also looking forward to uncovering plans and anticipated great things for the year ahead!

Looking back at 2018 the EIMF team remembers an “oh so exciting and busy year”, which begun with our leap into new premises – which by now you know well – and in turn permitted many other occurrences; the growth of the EIMF team, an expansion of training areas and topics, the enhancement of our professional qualification opportunities, the welcoming of new collaborations, associations and partnerships, the further increase of our specialization through local and overseas experts, the introducing new exciting in-house training initiatives as well as a substantial boost in our international presence, including London based training courses.

By working with professionals, their organisations, regulatory bodies and other associations, the EIMF team has been able to anticipate and offer exactly what is needed. The community recognizes that we are leaders in our field offering the highest of services at every instance.

The expertise of the EIMF team allows us to work with organisations and individuals alike, offering a holistic approach to their professional development in terms of the knowhow, the practical expertise of the training team, the updated content,  the delivery style that incorporates top methodology and learning tools, a large scope of workshops and programmes in terms of content, duration and locations (eg, short workshops, day to few-day seminars, larger in-depth programmes, free talks and presentations) all of which enhance the learning experience of professionals, benefit their everyday work and enhance their future aspirations.

It is worth noting that the year witnessed a significant increase in people joining our qualification preparation courses, and we are very happy to see numerous professionals climbing the career ladder with their acquired international qualifications and knowhow.  In particularly, the CySEC Advanced Examination, ACAMS, CISI, GDPR (EXIN and IAPP), and Accounting qualification courses, such as the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) which has proven popular with both individuals and organisations alike.  Both established professionals and those entering the work-force have been able to greatly benefit from these and thus improve their professional prospects.

The other EIMF jump for 2018 worthy of its own mention is eLearning!  Our eLearning topics have been enriched dramatically offering great opportunities over a broad spectrum of topics; more importantly our eLearning content is prepared by experts and delivered through a friendly, practical approach allowing professionals to engage and achieve both an enjoyable and fulfilling learning experience.

2019!  Well, looking forward our aspirations and promises are simple!  We will continue to work with you – the professionals, the organisations, the local associations, the regulating bodies and local community, so as to offer you exactly what you need for your individual and organisational ongoing learning and development needs, and future career moves.

More will follow for 2019 so stay tuned! For now, our first announcement is that Training Calendar for the first half of 2019 is out!

Check it out here and contact us for advice or further information.

This will allow you to start planning for both individual and organisational needs.  You will notice a weighed increase in the topics including technical workshops being offered for the first time, and a variety of management workshops that, through working with you and your teams, have been identified as critical for the effective operation of your departments and organisations.

Lastly, we wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Great 2019!