Has Your Organisation Reached Its Full Potential? No, It’s Time to Invest in the Soft Skills!

Has Your Organisation Reached Its Full Potential? No, It’s Time to Invest in the Soft Skills!

Your organisation may have highly educated people with specialised technical knowledge, you may also have a high calibre of products and services, and yet you have not attained the competitive advantage your organisation desires…why?

Perhaps, it is time to look at some very specific skills that are often overlooked and underestimated and yet they offer the key ingredients for success!

Have you considered how your managers communicate and the impact this can have on teams, departments and the overall productivity of your organisation? how do your managers deal with the conflicts that so often arise in the workplace?  do they encourage and inspire their teams so as to bring out the best in every single person? And do they cope well in the fast-pace and everchanging professional environment?

These questions need to be addressed by all organisations, as well as by managers themselves; a little time needs to be allocated to develop these critical skills, if they are to succeed at an individual level and ultimately help organisations attain the competitive advantage that will bring long term success.  Every minute invested in the development of our team leaders and managers adds to the potential success they can bring to their teams and the organisation.

Look at successful Companies and speak to loyal clients to see the common elements that surface, what do these organisations have in common and why are their clients loyal over time?

Chances are that you will find a strong pool of team leaders and managers with management skills that guarantee a healthy culture, ensure engaged and loyal people with attributes of loyalty, honesty, diplomacy, teambuilding, and the skills to be able to delegate and inspire their teams.

Good management of people is vital in all industries across the world, and even more true in financial services where the stakes are often very high and demands on managers are particularly challenging.

Yet despite all the evidence, many organisations fail to invest the time to give their managers the tools, skills and knowhow to make the difference to their organisation.

The EIMF team recognises exactly how important this is and offers organisations and professionals the opportunity to attain these essential skills through practical learning programmes.

Our Live Online practical learning initiatives provide the opportunity for some of these skills to be addressed. Our upcoming workshop, The Essentials of Managing People, will help managers to recognize their own management styles and approaches, consider key challenges and how to overcome these, and understand how critical their role is in managing their teams and bringing success to their organisations.

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