Presentation on Cyber Security by the EIMF and CIBA

Presentation on Cyber Security by the EIMF and CIBA

In light of the increasing volume and sophistication of cyber threats, the EIMF and CIBA organized an open lecture on the topic of Cyber Security on the 13th of April in Limassol. During the lecture Dr Dimitrios Patsos of ADACOM SA, presented in numbers the increased number of Cyber-attacks that we are experiencing and the future threats that are developing. He described the major players in the area and who can be vulnerable to attacks.

Using data from a recent survey he described the so-called average hacker to the audience; this description was a far cry from popular belief. The average hacker could be described in simple terms as the ‘guy next door’, which makes it the sense that a lot of the characteristics of people involved in Cyber Crime are not so different that the ones of an average person. In terms of who drives Cyber-attacks, Dr Patsos proposes that that in many cases these attacks are driven by organizations, individuals, but also governments.

During a discussion with the audience, Dr Patsos described the several stages of Cyber Security measures that an organization can implement to protect their data and how both the people and the corporate culture in an organization can help achieve better results. He said that better awareness of the relevant issues by all members of the staff is ultimately the key security measure that can help the organization and that the responsibility of mitigating the risk of Cyber threat should be taken at the top level.

You can download the relevant presentation here.

EIMF is organising two Cyber Security awareness training programmes in May. For more details please visit our website or call the EIMF at 22274470


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