The Essentials of Managing People

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April 6, 2021 9:00 am
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In today’s business reality which is fast paced, everchanging and thus complex and demanding, managers are under considerable pressure as more and more demands are made on them both at a cognitive and an emotional level.  Today’s manager is tasked with delivering challenging results through others in a business context that is more demanding than ever before. And this challenge is propagated because the management models that have served well in the past, and the skills many managers may have already learned, do not seem to be supporting the new realities of the business landscape.


Whilst at a cognitive level academic qualifications and knowledge can provide managers with many of the technical competencies and subject knowledge to handle the day-to-day coordination and completion of their work, they remain largely unprepared for the challenges faced at an emotional and behavioural level when managing and leading people.


This critical aspect of management requires a new mind-set, a new approach and a new set of skills and competencies with which managers can successfully lead people to achieve personal, departmental and company goals.  Today’s managers need to rethink their approach and find new ways to bring out the best in the people they deal with and in the situations, they find themselves in.  They need to achieve results not by dictating, ordering or commanding people, as was the case in the past, but by motivating, engaging and inspiring them as a leader whom others believe in and trust to lead them forward.


This is a very different model to older management practices that prevailed in the past and that many managers are still relying on today. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can provide a framework and mindset with which the 21st Century Manager can succeed.  Highlighted by the World Economic Forum as prerequisite for managerial success, and a key skill for the manager of 2022 and beyond EQ, encompasses a set of competencies which allow managers to better understand and manage emotions, impulses and behaviours in themselves and others. Using the competencies of emotional intelligence, managers can develop the correct mind-set and equip themselves with a plethora of tools, skills and techniques to harness their potential and safeguard their success.


This programme zeros-in on the competencies of emotional intelligence that  will enable managers to run their departments on a day-to-day basis, develop their staff and enable the creation of a productive climate and corporate culture conducive to the growth and success of the business.  Using learnings from the latest thinking and research in the fields of psychology management and neuroscience, the programme will challenge and stretch managers thinking as well as providing the opportunity for them to practice many of the skills taught.



Lefki Angeli

Lefki is a former practitioner in sociology and psychology and as such, has a strong understanding of human behaviour and the motives that drive this. Using this knowledge in the design and implementation of her training, enables her to design and deliver programmes that are relevant and practical hence maximizing participants engagement and learning. With a distinctive passion for human improvement and development, she has been actively involved in training and development throughout her 20+ year professional journey, training and coaching both colleagues and clients. Over the course of this journey, she has earned the reputation as an engaging and effective professional whose excellent communication skills and supportive approach enables her deliver long-lasting results to her clients.

Lefki has extensive experience in the training of business professionals as well as coaching of individuals across, levels, industries and areas of specialty. Indeed, she has worked with many renowned organisations including Fortune 500 corporations and Government agencies locally as well as internationally. Her sector experience covers a broad spectrum, such as FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Information Technology, Education and Banking. Some of her most prominent courses include Managing People for High Performance, Harnessing Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace, Effective Communication that brings workplace results and How to Develop and Maintain High Performing Teams, all of which have earning positive evaluations as informative, relevant and practical.
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