SOSTAC® Certification to be launched in Cyprus

SOSTAC® Certification to be launched in Cyprus

PR Smith’s SOSTAC® planning framework which has been used globally as a user-friendly planning model in varied industries by academics and professionals will be launched in Cyprus on November 2.

Company officials said that the overall aim of extending the usage of best practice in planning by organisations, government officials and individuals, SOSTAC® Global Certifications UK will be launching in Cyprus as well as the United Kingdom, South Africa and the US.

The Certified Planner programme which is accredited by CPD International UK will take this framework to individuals and the corporate sector, especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who could use it to improve planning and execution skills of their staff. The overall objective is to empower people to plan their work, professional and personal lives effectively.

The programme has the Associate level test for younger audiences who could progress to the Certified Planner level having successfully completed the associate level test. The certified planner level test is for senior members whose experience and knowledge could be applied and taken to the next level by using this certification.

The creator of SOSTAC® Paul PR Smith has helped hundreds of companies from IBM to innovative SME’s by integrating creative marketing with cutting edge digital marketing tools including social media, digital body language, automated marketing and virtual worlds.

Benefits of becoming a SOSTAC® Certified Planner SOSTAC1

  • SOSTAC®Certified Planners can build professional plans
  • Analyse existing plans or other departments’ plans
  • Help colleagues to use same structure and build better plans
  • Ensure consistency across the business
  • They also have access to network/directory of SOSTAC® certified professionals.
  • This certificate is accredited by the CPD Standards Office

The European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF) is organizing a three-day seminar delivered by PR Smith that will take place on the 2, 3, 10 of November at its premises in Nicosia. The seminar is approved for subsidy by HRDA and its offered at the all-inclusive price of 450 Euro for the full three-day course, The SOSTAC® book and the workshop by PR Smith. For more details about the seminar please click here  or call us at 22274470