Startup Europe Week, Limassol Fintech Forum: Now and the Future

Startup Europe Week, Limassol Fintech Forum: Now and the Future

Logo Startup and Deloitte presents the Startup Europe Week Limassol FinTech Forum: Now and the Future. Through a combination of presentations and a panel discussion, the forum will bring together industry leaders, policy makers, startups and experts to explore the disruptive forces that are shaping the financial sector into the future and discuss where opportunities lie.

The times are crucial for financial institutions. A volatile economic environment, disruptive innovations, new entrants to the market place are all transforming traditional business models and creating a new playing field in the industry. As peer-to-peer lending, big data and fintech innovations open the door to new entrants. They stimulate greater competition and disruptors are creating alternative modes of finance shaking up the sector. Nowadays, incumbent players are rethinking their business models to remain relevant to a new generation of clients while satisfying the requirements of regulators, shareholders and investors.

How are banks and other traditional players navigating this transformed landscape? Are they ready to embrace change and adapt? What are key challenges and opportunities that the new digital age brings? How we develop a fintech culture in our Startup Ecosystem?

The event is included in STARTUP EUROPE WEEK. SEW is organized by the European Commission as part of the Startup Europe initiative with acting as Limassol Coorganiser. The objective of STARTUP EUROPE WEEK is to showcase projects sponsored by Startup Europe and all other relevant local initiatives being developed across 28 countries and 350 regions to foster entrepreneurship locally.

The EIMF, in its role as an incubator of knowledge in the sector, proudly supports this event, whose aim is to boost the Cyprus Startup Sector.

Global Organiser: Startup Europe Week
Limassol Co-Organisers: Deloitte and Risetech Media (
Main Sponsor: Bank of Cyprus
Supporters: European Institute of Management & Finance (EIMF), Idea Accelerator, CARIE, Startup Cyprus, Cyprus University of Technology, CYRIC, Cutting Edge, CYBAN, Cyprus Interaction Lab, Kalys Solutions,
Date/Time: 3th February 2016, 19:00 – 21:00
Location: TEPAK University, Amphitheater 1, Tassos Papadopoulos Building