The Leaps and Bounds of 2021

The Leaps and Bounds of 2021

As the year comes to a close, the EIMF Team extends heartfelt THANKS to all their Friends and Associates and takes a little time, to reflect on 2021 and look ahead to 2022.

So, let us first take a short journey through 2021!  

2021 in a Nutshell   

  • Over 8,000 individuals joined the EIMF learning initiatives in 2021
  • Over 250 Live Online programmes were offered, a mix of the old and the brand new
  • The eLearning experience was enhanced to offer over 150 self-paced courses
  • AccountingWise, our all-in-one accountancy hub, was launched
  • A huge number of new friends and associates joined our family
  • We presented our largest selection of Free Webinars
  • Our international presence grew significantly with students attending courses from all corners of the world
  • Our UK operations grew extensively with LGCA serving the needs of over 150 UK based clients
  • New Horizons Greece and New Horizons London kicked off their operations
  • Clients embraced the improvements we offered! Our enhanced website and learning platform offered a new educational experience and the opportunity for their “own personal learning space”
  • EIMF became the trusted educational provider for more organisations and individuals than ever before!


What Exactly Went On in 2021?

Truly International!

Our international presence continued to grow this year with students reaching us from Poland, Estonia, South Africa, United Emirates, Saudi Arabia, India, Portugal, Lithuania, Spain and Costa Rica. They now join our existing group of international destinations, which include the UK, Belgium, Serbia, Germany, Israel, Greece, Ireland, Denmark, Romania, and Bulgaria.


Plenty of New Initiatives

Several new courses, as well as training partners, were welcomed during 2021, further enhancing our selection of courses and expert trainers.

Short workshops on topics such as setting up compliance and ethics programmes, compliance risk assessments, ICAAP, company taxation, DAC6, shipping administration, anti-bribery, risk governance and sustainability related disclosures (SFDR) were introduced, whilst longer preparation courses also took their place amongst the already-popular EIMF certificates and professional qualifications.

A few examples of these included the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), a new Post-Graduate Certificate in Corporate Governance, IGCA Certificates in KYC & CDD, Compliance, and AML, the CFA Certificate in ESG Investing, and the Certificate in ESG Regulation, Requirements and Reporting.

Of course, Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) played a key role in EIMF’s 2021 work, as we offered numerous initiatives on this trending topic, including our free webinar Sustainable Finance & ESG: New Perspective in Banking and Investment Funds.  Additionally, EIMF was delighted this year to co-organise alongside Grow Sustainability Consulting the 1st Cyprus NGO Congress entitled “Collaboration: The Key to Creating Positive Social Impact.”


Our Accounting Hub

The year also saw the launch of AccountingWise, an Accountancy hub that meets all professional accounting needs, including eLearning and short courses for the most widely recognised international professional accounting qualifications: AAT, ACCA and CIMA.


The Professional Collaborations

Our ongoing initiatives with Professional Bodies, Regulators and Associations also continued throughout 2021, ensuring the enhancement of governance, risk and compliance within local and international communities.


Complimentary Learning

Our largest ever selection of free webinars were offered this season, bringing exciting topics and fresh concepts, as well as new friends and associates (from around the world!), to the EIMF family.   We sure hope you were able to take advantage of these.

Some of the highlights of our webinar series this year included sessions on:

  • How to stay Emotionally Strong during the unusual year that was to follow
  • How to help our Client Relationships
  • How the Digital Transformation will affect our businesses
  • How new Leasing Agreements would impact organisations
  • The look at the EU Whistleblower Directive
  • Evolution or Revolution in the Risk & Compliance sectors
  • Behavioural Analysis & Investigative Techniques
  • Money Credit and the crises in modern banking
  • The latest on Fintech Regulation and Compliance


We also hosted a free Well-Being Series, where we were joined by experts, including a Nutritionist, a Psychologist, an EQ Practitioner, an Accountant and a Personal Coach who all provided great tips and takeaways for us all to improve our overall well-being.

Highly enjoyed by everyone we attained insights and lots of tips on: Raising Adolescents, Optimism, Work–Home Balance, Personal Budgeting, Achieving Fitness, Personal Goal Setting, and Mind and Body for Fitness.

Please keep the suggestions coming as our Free Webinar series begins again in January and we welcome all your ideas!


What’s in the Pipeline for 2022?

We promise the biggest selection of learning opportunities as we have perfected how to combine the old with the new: popular courses and trainers with new topics and faces aimed at enhancing your training experiences even further.

So, whether you are looking for a traditional EIMF course or something new, the learning opportunities are endless.   In fact, you can now find all the EIMF Group brands in one place, take a glance.

Furthermore, our colleagues in Ireland and the rest of the British Isles will have greater and easier access to all of our educational and training opportunities with the imminent arrival of EIMF’s Irish branch scheduled for early 2022!


What Topics to Expect in 2022

With over 35 brand-new courses, here is a tiny glimpse of some of the brand-new topics:

  • IGCA Certificate in Sanctions Compliance
  • Internal Audit Quality Assessment
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Financial Risk Management
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Coaching for HR Professionals
  • Money Laundering: Managing High Risk Customers
  • Customer Due Diligence (CDD): Updates and Key Skills
  • Advanced Negotiation Skills
  • Investigative Interviewing Skills: Focus on Financial Crime
  • Managing Complex Internal Investigations
  • Risk-Based Internal Audit
  • AML/CFT & Combating Crime in the Betting and Gaming Sector
  • Certificate in FinTech Risk & Compliance
  • Financial Fraud Management
  • Risk-Based approach for CASPs and CA-related activities


More Complimentary Learning

Hot topics and new perspectives will be shared with you through our Free Webinars.  The great response we’ve had from our Well-Being series indicates there’s a great need for more in this area and plans are already underway to offer this series once-again, perhaps this time around from a slightly different standpoint! In any case, keep your ideas and suggestions coming!


Watch this space as the new season is bound to bring plenty of surprises too!!

For now, you can view all that’s new by visiting the recently released 2022 Training Calendar. 

And get in touch if you have any questions or need help!