The Rewards of the AAT Qualification to both Organisations and Employees

The Rewards of the AAT Qualification to both Organisations and Employees

Many individuals looking to enter the accounting sector or who already have roles within an accounting department choose to study and attain the globally recognized AAT Qualification. However, the AAT qualification doesn’t merely benefit the individual, in fact, employers stands to profit considerably from the new skills gained by those who choose to study for the AAT qualification.

As we all know highly trained employees offer organisations an abundance of benefits, ranging from a high level of skills and knowledge to motivation and commitment, all of which play a significant role in performance and the efficiency of an Accounting unit. Moreover, because of the many rewards organisations often choose to fund or partially fund employees who wish to attain such a qualification.

So, what do companies have to gain?  Let’s look at the main benefits!

  • Highly Skilled Employees | Competent and Efficient

The AAT qualification isn’t just a certificate or something to mention on a CV.  By studying for the AAT qualification employees gain real, practical skills that can be applied immediately in the workplace.  These newly attained skills and knowledge ensure that employees are more efficient and offer a higher standard of work, thus, substantially increasing their effectiveness.

Furthermore, because the AAT qualification offers flexibility and requires no time off work, employees start delivering value right off the start of their course.  So, before they even complete their qualification, they will offer new skills and latest practices to improve the efficiency of a finance department.

  • Increased Employee Morale | Commitment and Loyalty

The AAT qualification doesn’t just give employees the tools to do a better job; it will make them WANT to do a better job.  It is a proven fact that training can improve employees’ loyalty and ensure talent retention, and the AAT qualification is a fantastic way for organisations to show that they care about the development of their employees.

Employees lacking in personal development can easily lose motivation which can lead to a reduction in productivity, or even spark a desire to move jobs altogether.

  • Enhanced Company Reputation | Trust and Credibility

Companies whose employees have recognized qualifications enjoy a high regard from the industry as it signals professionalism, efficiency and excellence, and since business is based on trust and credibility reputation is extremely important. Clients feel reassured knowing that their business behind-the-scenes is being handled by employees that are of just as high calibre as the client-facing ones.

And, how about the recruitment of new talented employees?  A reputation for providing quality training contributes in making organisations more appealing to prospective new hires, making recruitment easier and ensuring that only the most passionate, outstanding candidates are attracted.

Furthermore, although perhaps nobody will be dazzled by the fact you assisted an employee to study for the AAT qualification, for sure it will contribute to enhancing a culture of encouraging training and development, so as to enjoy the benefits that come with this work philosophy.

  • Save Money | Worthy Investment

In today’s business world it is often wise to upskill from within!   Upskilling existing employees almost always works out cheaper than having to hire someone new down the road to do the job functions that existing employees could have done with more training.

The AAT qualification will prove an excellent investment for organisations to enjoy high and quality returns.

  • Access to Accounting Resources | Latest Best Practices

With an AAT qualification, comes access to a whole host of relevant and high-quality accounting materials such as industry news, best practice techniques, expert advice and leading accounting publications.

This offers the organisation the opportunity to share this fantastic insight within the Company, providing an ongoing wealth of knowledge on the latest developments in the industry.

  • Invest with No Risk | Improve Skills

Agreements are often made between an employee and their organisation so that large funding may be reimbursed in the unlikely event that the employee leaves shortly after the training.

So, in simple terms the AAT Qualification will benefit both individuals and their organisations to ultimately offer the highest standards of professionalism and knowhow in their fields.

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