Professional Qualifications with the CISI: Become Qualified with the largest qualifying body in the Sector

Professional Qualifications with the CISI: Become Qualified with the largest qualifying body in the Sector

The Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI) is better known in Cyprus as the Examining Body for the CySEC Examinations, something which offers to a growing number of regulators in Europe.

However, the CISI is much more than that. It is the largest and most widely respected professional body for those who work in the Securities and Investment industry in Europe as well as for a growing number of major financial centres round the world. Its qualifications are structured in such a way that busy professionals can become qualified even with their hectic schedule.

 1. Investment Operations Certificate (IOC)

Did you know that people who have already passed the CySEC Examination are halfway to a full CISI qualification?

The way the CISI qualification works, is that a full qualification can be obtained with 2 or 3 smaller examinations instead of a bigger one. A great example is the Investment Operations Certificate.

Widely acknowledged as the most appropriate qualification for staff working in the administration and operations areas of the financial services industry, the IOC is taken by 10,000 candidates each year. It offers an overview of the financial services industry and its regulation, and incorporates a range of examinations that represent different technical activities within the industry.

Previously known as the Investment Administration Qualification (IAQ), this certification serves as a qualifying stage for candidates who aspire to noteworthy careers in a financial institution. The objective of this qualification is to prepare the individuals for their duties and responsibilities in their future work assignments, making sure that they can function well and measure up to the expectations of the industry.

The IOC is achieved by passing 3 examinations (in whatever order):

To obtain the IOC you will require to show knowledge of the local regulatory environment in which you operate. If you already sat the CySEC Examinations then you are about halfway towards this qualification as this is by far the largest one in terms of content and study hours required of the 3.

An entry-level course– provides an overview of investment and industry terminology from a global perspective. Ideal for induction purposes – can be integrated into induction programmes to ensure a benchmark level of understanding amongst all employees

Also covers Regulatory needs for Part C of Circular C181

  • A Technical Unit

Lastly, you’ll need to obtain one of the CISI Technical Units. The two most popular ones are:

Risk in Financial Services: This certificate aims to provide participants with a broad understanding of the key risks that arise within financial services, a very popular title for all members in the financial services industry and a very good addition to anyone’s CV.

Global Financial Compliance: Very popular in recent years due to the increased demands in Compliance Professionals. The Global Financial Compliance qualification addresses techniques used to implement a successful compliance function in a firm. It provides a comprehensive introduction to all the issues a global Compliance Officer may encounter.

 2. International Certificate in Wealth and Investment Management (ICWIM)

The International Certificate in Wealth & Investment Management covers the essentials of financial planning, private client asset management, fund management, advisory functions and investment analysis from a global perspective. The qualification will ensure that you understand the range of assets and investment products that are available in the market and find appropriate solutions to meet the investment, retirement and protection planning needs for your clients. It is an entry level qualification for international candidates working in private banking and wealth management roles.

A large examination, this is addressed to Investment directors, managers and analysts, Senior Corporate Managers, Finance directors, financial officers, Bank employees, brokers, traders, Professionals engaging in fund management, corporate finance, venture capital, asset management, financial planning, Financial planners and consultants


Whatever your career choice in the Financial Services Sector, obtaining a qualification with CISI ensures a substantial boost in your career prospects, as well as relevant and important knowledge to be employed for the benefit of your firm.

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