Digital Marketing for Cypriot Lawyers, Accountants & Professional Service Firms

Digital Marketing for Cypriot Lawyers, Accountants & Professional Service Firms

Digital-Marketing-trendThe advent of the electronic era and the ever expanding worldwide networks of professionals and firms has brought about a new age of growing opportunities for the professional services sector. Legal, accounting, and support professionals must not adhere to the geographical constraints of their domicile, but can expand their target markets globally. At the same time however, increased competition from abroad, brought about by the same notions, means that these professionals need to up their game in their Digital Presence and their Marketing Strategy with all available modern tools.

The European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF) in its effort to provide content that is relevant, unique, and current, is announcing a workshop titled Digital Marketing for Cypriot Lawyers, Accountants & Professional Service Firms. The Workshop will be presented by Mr John Ring, Managing Director of TinderPoint a specialist Digital Marketing Agency based in Ireland. TinderPoint is one of the most successful Digital Marketing Agencies in the region with a large range of clients, like Ebay, Suzuki, Intel, Sixt and many more.

This is NOT a Digital Marketing Course like the others. This is specifically built and targeted towards this particular sector: the front line of support professionals like lawyers, accountants, auditors, fiduciary support providers, consultants. This is a sector with its own niche characteristics, and most importantly, very few barriers to entry, so competition is enormous and ever increasing. The correct use of all available marketing tools (google rankings and ads, social media, online promotional tools) can make or break a firm, as the limited attention span of the modern professional means that they will spend as little time as possible in their search for a new provider. As such, not only does a professional online presence increase your visibility and offer creative new ways to promote your services, but it has rapidly become the standard by which a business is judged by potential clients.

By correctly utilizing the tools the Internet provides, you can quickly gain a vital advantage in this highly competitive market. In this seminar, Mr Ring will be providing an introduction to the most popular online marketing strategies, on how to use social media and how to find the correct media for your firm. as well as helping you get started on building a strong web presence in several online channels and media of your own.

This HRDA Subsidised workshop takes place at the EIMF Premises in Nicosia on 10, 13 and 14 October, offering 21 hours of structured learning. To learn more and register online, please visit the EIMF Website, or call at 22274470