Our training calendar for second half of 2016 is out!

Our training calendar for second half of 2016 is out!

Our training calendar for second half of 2016 is out!

 Microsoft Word - CoverThe EIMF is delighted to announce our September to December 2016 Calendar.

The need for training in today’s complex and heavily regulated environment is increasing. The ongoing financial crisis, changes in the business environment and the geopolitical arena, and regional and global developments are making the work of today’s professional quite difficult, increasing the need for ongoing technical and regulatory training to keep in front of the curve.

The financial services and support sectors are changing, and so are the requirements for entry and business establishment. ESMA has announced strict rules for the professional competence and knowledge of people working in the sector, and upcoming regulations (like MiFID II, newly introduced reporting obligations like FATCA, CRS, CRD4 etc) are introducing ever increasing requirements for training in the field.

For other organizations, needs have also been identified internally and we are responding to their requests in offering programmes to satisfy said needs. Examples of this include training titles focusing on strategy development, performance management, people management, marketing, sales and other soft skills development.

Based on the above market analysis, our experts’ vigilance in identifying emerging needs and upcoming regulations, and our ongoing and constant communication with the sector, we are introducing new courses to satisfy all the needs of the business sectors we serve. These include Continuous Professional Development (CPD) titles specifically catering towards the needs of Investment Firms (CySEC), legal professionals (CyBAR), Accountants (ICPAC) and others. Also longer programmes to fill in gaps in a firm’s operations, and professional qualifications as well that boost the employability and careers of participants (ACAMS, CISI, AAT, ACA and more)

Further to the above, this September we are launching our accountancy courses by offering for the first time in Cyprus preparation for the Accountancy Technician and bookkeeping qualifications offered by AAT. We are also introducing a flexible evening and weekend schedule for Chartered accountant ACA (ICAEW) candidates.

We assure you that our focus on content quality and appropriate delivery by our qualified and expert tutors will always be part of our philosophy. We want offer value to your organization by ensuring that your staff gets the best training in an appropriate environment and by the best.

We hope that our extensive list of titles will satisfy all your training needs. We are always here and available for suggestions, and if the title you are looking for is not on our upcoming training list, free to contact us and we will discuss your needs and find a solution. We will be happy to meet you at your offices so feel free to contact us and we will gladly arrange a meeting.


UPCOMING: our Online Training Platform, launched in September 2016 – stay tuned.