Why training your managers and team leaders is vital to your company’s success?

Why training your managers and team leaders is vital to your company’s success?

Learning and Development of people is one of the most important functions in an organization. Most organizations are still investing more of their budget in new product or service development and in many cases the training budgets are cut. Nowadays companies need to realize that the need to invest in people development is a ‘must’. People are their only unique and competitive weapon and organizations that understand this create true differentiation from their competition, sometimes without them even knowing it.

Formal management training is not provided internally in most companies. Someone doing well in a technical area, will get promoted to a supervisory role as part of an incentive for the person to stay in the company.  For many companies having an internal management development programme is impossible and in many cases they do not see the need to send their managers to external training.

Some people thrive when thrown into a leading role, others might not be so successful. The fact though is that in both cases support is needed to help the managers reach their full potential. A perfect employee who has excelled in his field can be destroyed professionally if he is appointed to a management position and does not succeed in that role. Even experienced managers need to update their skills through a continuous development programme.

Today management techniques are continually evolving, organizations are changing radically and restructuring in an effort to meet changed external and internal environments and improve their performance. The need for management development is more evident than ever. Managers must possess skills that are needed to manage people in their teams but also relationships with the leadership of the company and the expected results of the organizations. Managers are not exclusively involved in the operations of their own department but in many cases have to collaborate with other departments.

The burden of implementing a company strategy is usually pushed from the top to the manager of a unit. It is essential that managers can understand the strategy of the company, be able to measure success in achieving their targets and keep their employees well motivated. They must be able to take decisions, implement change initiatives and understand financial statements and budgets. In whatever role they are in they must be able to negotiate well, manage projects effectively, understand how marketing works and be able to sell their companies’ products and services. They need to be able to understand the customer and make sure that the staff are doing their best to offer excellent customer service to all clients. Managers are the glue that holds together the structure of an organization. You can say that they are the ‘super heroes’ that get things done and keep a company in operation.

Managers are very important and should not be ignored as they play an important part in the survival of the organization. Organizations need to constantly educate, train, and develop the skills of their managers, supervisors, and staff in order to remain competitive and keep their people happy.

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