Directors Development Programme

Directors Development Certificate

Effective Directors and Board members need to be the driving force that will lead to the success of their organisation.  Whether you are a newly appointed Director, seeking to join the Board, or merely wanting to consider the impact of your role and enhance your leadership skills, the EIMF’s Directors Development Certificate will equip you with the core skills and awareness to function effectively as a Director and/or Board member.

Attending the three day programme will provide Directors with a wealth of knowledge and insight into the three most essential areas for any Director – corporate governance, board strategy, and leadership.


  • An in-depth view of the role, responsibilities and legal duties of a director including the knowledge and skills relevant to exercising the duties and responsibilities of a Board director in Cyprus
  • An understanding of the characteristics of an effective board, including ethical and professional conduct standards
  • The issues and processes associated with formulating strategic business plans and achieving strategic leadership
  • The techniques and ways of thinking that will build confidence, so as to become an even more effective leader and more able to deal with the everyday responsibility, accountability and pressure that a Director faces



  • To understand the legal and regulatory environment in which the Board of Directors must function
  • To understand the roles and responsibilities of a Director
  • To identify the professional standards of practice expected of a Director, particularly in light of the “fit and proper” tests now actively being implemented across Europe
  • To pinpoint the key areas of mandate which require on-going attention (strategy, risk, ethics, conflicts of interest…)
  • To understand how the composition of the Board and its relation with management and the shareholders can add long-term value to the company
  • To understand their own preferred style of leadership, its benefits and potential downsides and how to adapt their style to different situations so as to make a stronger impact as a Director and/or member of the board
  • To attain a greater insight into their own motivations and the effects of these on those whom they are leading and managing
  • To understand what drives their behaviour and how to use this to become a more effective leaders
  • To attain and be able to apply a number of advanced communication techniques to persuade and influence so as to enhance a constructive and efficient dialogue with their Board colleagues
  • To develop a greater insight into how a Director can lead and manage change and align changes with the corporate culture

Who should attend


  • Directors
  • Non-executive Board Directors
  • Independent Board Directors
  • Secretaries to the Board of Directors
  • Chief Compliance Officers
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Risk Managers
  • Internal Auditors
  • General Managers and other Senior Managers
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DATES: 21, 22, 28 November

DURATION: 21 Hours


LOCATION: EIMF Premises, Nicosia

TIME: 09:00 – 17:00

FEES: HRDA eligible €443, non-HRDA eligible €800 (both + €152 VAT)


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In-House Training

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David Cotton

A training and development consultant since the 1980s, David Cotton specialises in leadership and management development, soft skills training and business strategy.  He spent over 20 years with two of the ‘Big 4’ consulting firms, first at Arthur Andersen and then at PwC, where, after working in IT systems design and development, he led a team of 100 trainers in 26 countries and then moved into a client facing role in which he specialised in managing training around major change projects for some of the firm’s top clients.

A prolific author, David has won publishers’ best-seller awards for two of his 14 books and two international awards for an e-learning package on electronic marketplaces (online B2B exchanges). He has designed electronic performance support systems and e-learning programmes and has scripted and directed a customer service training video.  His blog is attracting an increased following.

Mr Petros Florides

Chartered FCSI, President of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) in Cyprus.

Petros has worked as a finance professional within the securities and investments industry for over 20 years in the areas of private banking, fund management, stockbroking, private equity and principal trading. For the past 10 years Petros has been on the board of a number of micro-finance institutions in Eastern Europe and is currently employed as a Regional Governance Advisor for World Vision International – one of the world’s largest organisations in the field of humanitarian aid and assistance.

Petros is an honours graduate in Accountancy, a Chartered Management Accountant, a diploma-holding member of the Institute of Directors and a Certificate of the Institute of Risk Management. He sits on the Ethics & Risk and Human Resource & Training Committees of the Cyprus Investment Funds Association.