European Institute of Management and Finance | Corporate Soft Skills
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Corporate Soft Skills

What are Corporate Soft Skills and what is their role in business?

In both the personal and professional arenas, achievements usually come by considering the BIG PICTURE.  In the work environment technical knowledge is important, but unfortunately, this alone will not suffice to bring professional and business success.  The BIG PICTURE is clear!


In parallel professionals must develop and continually enhance other “softer” skills that will bring the desired professional success. These will help to increase individual’s and team’s productivity, to make wiser business decision, to inspire future leaders, to enhance communication, to correctly handle everyday conflicts, to secure a healthy and productive culture and guarantee a strong and united team.


Course Title

Directors’ Development Programme | More Information

Directors and Officers Insurance: Professional Indemnity, Liability and Cyber Risks | More Information

Leadership Development Programme | More Information

Leading Leaders Workshop | More Information

Corporate Culture and Good Governance | More Information


15, 16 & 23 May

20 May

21, 22 May 11, 12 June

12 June

26 June

Course Title

Refining Leadership Thinking of Managers | Μοre Information

Developing and Managing High Performing Teams | Μοre Information

Moving from Employee to Manager: A Highlight of the New Working Environment | More information

Communication, Sharing Information and Feedback | More information

Training Skills for Managers | More information

Negotiation Skills Workshop | More information


14 March

16 April

07 May

05 June

13 June

17 May

Course Title

Company Board Secretary Liabilities and Responsibilities | More Information

Corporate Administration Forms and Procedures | More Information

Strategic Marketing for Insurance Services | More information

Directors’ Roles and Responsibilities | More information

Accounts Receivable Management | More information

Business Tax Fundamentals | More information

Company Board Secretary Liabilities and Responsibilities | More information

Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Professionals | More information

Ethics and Professional Integrity Workshop | More information

Internal Audit Report Writing | More information

Corporate Administration Forms and Procedures | More information

Effective Written Communications for Compliance, Risk and Internal Audit Professionals | More information

Employment Law in Cyprus | More information

Payroll Management | More information

Property Tax Updates | More information


26 February

04 & 05 April

09 April

17 April

19 April

07 & 09 May

10 May

27 & 29 May

28 May

30 & 31 May

30 May

13 June

24 June

27 June

09 July